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Wine Cellar

Vintage makes the difference

Wine Cellar enables wine cellars, wine shops and restaurants to manage different wine brands, according to their vintage (the production year) in order to identify the article value, thus influencing its sale price. This means that several prices may correspond to a single wine quality. The Wine Cellar Plugin assigns multiple barcodes to a single article. When reading the code for which several years of production have been defined, the system displays the vintage list, allowing to carry out a selection conform to the customer’s request.

Automatic recognition of sales data

By reading the bar code, the system recognizes sale data such as the unit of measure that identifies the different packaging formats, e.g. bottle, pack, demijohn, flask and crate.

Creation of promotions

The module enables launching promotional offers, automatically applying discounts to a sale transaction according to the vintage that can determine relevant price differences for the same wine quality. It is enough to read the code and the promotion will be activated with no further operator’s intervention speeding up the till operations.

Loyalty at the POS

Loyalty is supported by the customer recording features of the plugin, importing base data in the system by mean of an intuitive interface, whose simplified management enables researching addressed and sale data.

Moreover, the module allows to define the different graphic configurations of the FrontEnd, and to create predefined templates for printing till lists, including different parameters and customer info.