Solutions for Hospitality and Retail

Web Applications

TCPOS last-generation solutions exploit the potentials of the world wide web to enhance your business. By using a simple browser and intuitive interfaces, TCPOS Web Applications allows managing bookings and consumptions, personal accounts linked to pre-paid and credit cards, granting high-standards of security and precision.

Web Meal Reservation

With TCPOS Web Meal Reservation you can select on-line available menus and reserve your preferences in advance with one click from your computer. The restaurateur can plan the preparation in advance, reducing halls-organization time, granting a more precise stock management of raw materials and thus reducing costs due to excessive orders. In canteens, charges may be automatically carried out on the customer’s account, avoiding queues at the till, speeding up the service and reinforcing guest satisfaction.


  • Web-based orders
  • Book meal in advance
  • Cut expenses for excessive supplies
  • Better hall planning for restaurants

Customer Account Manager

Customer cards supervision and balance management, wherever you are, anytime, avoiding queues at the till or at automatic distributors. Registered users obtain an account that can be recharged with funds. They can have a precise idea of their account balance and the right to block their card in case it is necessary.


  • Personal accounts
  • Easy deposits
  • Supervision of customer cards

Web Reporting – Always and everywhere

TCPOS Web Reporting allows displaying statistics and exporting them as PDF files by simply accessing a web interface through a common browser. Reports may be TCPOS standard or customized according to the registered customer’s needs. The application is executable on any computer connected to the Internet, with no installation of additional software required, making TCPOS Web Reporting the ideal tool for wide companies in which many users need visualizing statistics without storing data and without purchasing a new license for every terminal installed, e.g. for catering chains, where data are usually stored centrally.

The application may be used without installing TCPOS on the terminals of each single restaurant; the manager will read on its computer only data of his responsibility, depending on his personal profile, filtered by the visibility criteria set by the management.

TCPOS Web Reporting is a solution effective also for managers, often on the move, who may check relevant data wherever they are, at any time of the day, by simply accessing their laptops.