Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


Versatile and attractive

Vouchers are an effective instrument to create customer relations and to gain new customers. They are widely spread in retail, hospitality and leisure in form of a gift or exchange vouchers. Vouchers can be either purchased in pre-printed form or can be sold after printing them at the checkout.

Always up-to-date

Vouchers feature a printed barcode that identifies the issuing company, the value and the expiry date. An univocal serial number prevents that the same voucher is used twice.

Control in real-time

Once the voucher is used, the serial number is read and recorded in a list that contains numbers of all previously used vouchers. The list is recorded both in the central database and in the tills and it is constantly updated by Peer to Peer, in order to control the validity in real-time even when operations have been carried out in off-line mode and the central database is not available.

Individual conditions

In case of payments with vouchers of value superior to the one of the transaction a refund will be granted. In replacement to the change in cash the till prints a voucher that the customer may use with the next purchases. The operator may set the minimal or maximal thresholds as well as an expiry date.