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Vending Machines

Perfect integration of vending machines

TCPOS enables managing several brands of vending machines, operating either in off-line mode, or in on-line mode, via direct connection to a network. It is possible to integrate data via handheld. The system ensures an effective interaction with other machines. Data communication is effected in real time. With TCPOS-Vending Machine you can serve your customers in an efficient way because it handles customer card queries promptly and enables crossed sales statistics.


Vending Machines supports two operative modes:

Offline mode: Integration of data collection

The vending machine is not linked to TCPOS and transfers the transactions carried out via handheld periodically in order to record and store them with all other transactions

Online mode: grants a more effective interactivity.

Since it communicates with the TCPOS system in real time, it can, receive all the information regarding articles prices and customer card balances directly from the database, transfer all sale transactions data to TCPOS, and communicate with other tills in the network.