Solutions for Hospitality and Retail

Stock control

Intelligent Stock management

Stock Control is the solution module for warehouse management developed especially for hospitality, catering, canteens and retail. Stock Control is highly scalable and flexible. Using Stock Control you always keep an eye on your stock movements and increase profitability of your inventory.

Up-to-date stock control

Stock Control manages stock, inventory, products, suppliers, goods transfers, orders to the suppliers and the related delivery notes both at single shop level as well as in big chains. Thus you can always control your inventory and manage your stock on the basis of key figures.

Sales data in real-time

The till operator can check the availability of a product in real-time. The stock is displayed directly on the sale key of the article and enables monitoring its stocks during the sale. The system also displays negative quantities without limitation of sales. Stock Control can be used for the management of huge numbers of sales data.

Convenient: inventory via handheld

The application enables retrieving stocks directly on handhelds and to generate customized statistics in PDF or Excel formats. It can carry out real time checks on the warehouse transactions and on the articles stock. Orders can be automatically generated considering parameters of minimum stock, thus guaranteeing tempestuously the availability of a complete assortment.

Label print inclusive

Stock Control allows you to create and print customized labels for each article in stock or on the shelves.