Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


Focus on customer experience

Whether premium or discount– TCPOS is the right solution for supermarkets of all kinds. The checkout solution accelerates processes at the Point of Sale and stands for high reliability and great flexibility.

TCPOS provides reports and analysis about turnover and sales, and enables foresighted planning for your management. Thus you can plan, activate and monitor promotions and discounts in a targeted approach.

With TCPOS solutions you can enhance the customer experience: in addition to loyalty cards, fidelity points and bonus programs you can issue vouchers and monitor them with a centralized voucher server. A wide array of labels can be printed and handled featuring all the information vital to helping the customer with his choice. Moreover, you can use web applications to support your multi-channel strategy.

Data is kept safe and can be accessed only by authorized operators through the application of precise visibility criteria.

TCPOS can be easily integrated with scales, self checkouts, label printers, vending machines, price checkers and information terminals, independent from the hardware platform. This offers you the widest choice for selecting your additional IT-solutions.