Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


Intelligent IT solutions enhance customer relations

The success of shops is based on direct contact with customers, who can be demanding and expect quick, reliable service alongside well-priced articles. TCPOS is a solution for all types of business because it secures fast and efficient processes enabling your customers to get a good impression of your business.

Whether in a standalone checkout or in a network –TCPOS functionalities support shops of any size. A broad variety of existing features can be easily accessed and TCPOS’ customizable solution can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure: from checkout to shop, and up to head-office.

Payments, inventory management, printouts of tags and labels, orders to the suppliers, inventory and transaction control: all of these features are controlled with ease and precision by TCPOS thanks to its many software modules. In addition, TCPOS offers hardware-independent integration of scales. The modern architecture provides data within the entire network.

With TCPOS customer management you can intensify your customer relations. The module allows you to automatically apply discounts to a sale transaction. Vouchers may be issued and managed when the expected threshold has been reached. In addition, TCPOS provides management of points as well as the administration and transfer of loyalty scores and management of loyalty cards.

Managers can decide which data can be accessed by the operators, through the application of precise visibility criteria.

TCPOS allows the integration of different technological devices (scales, bank POS, fidelization systems, electronic labels, barcode readers, etc.), thus consenting vendors to improve customers’ satisfaction at the points of sale, while reducing operative and management costs.