Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


Perfect processes without luxury

From casual to fine dining—guest satisfaction is always the focus of hospitality. Without doubt, a professional and guest-friendly billing and payment system contributes to building a long-lasting positive impression. TCPOS is the proven multifunctional hub for profitable guest service from order through to payment.

TCPOS allows orders to be taken at tables, using optional wireless handheld devices which are connected to the network. Waiters can take orders, split and transfer them in real-time to production centers such as kitchen, bar and grill as well as to the checkout. Customized requests for food preparation can be added. In this way service becomes quick and efficient.

TCPOS manages the arrangement of your tables, their composition and status, giving details of the number of clients, the waiter assigned to them as well as the orders taken, by reproducing the table layout plan schematically on the touch-screen display.

To optimize your administration you can flexibly manage seasonal and predefined, à la carte menus, depending on the season, week, day or time.