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Quick Service

Freshness and speed managed by the system

Guests expect quality food at competitive prices and quick, reliable service from fast food chains. This is why innovative technologies, such as user friendly checkout systems, must ensure a rationalization of processes that helps speed up the guest flow.

With its broad range of functionality, TCPOS enhances the efficiency of checkout in the fast food business. A broad choice of peripherals and easy-to-implement interfaces with all information systems of third parties underpin the capabilities of the solution. Kitchen monitors are powerful tools that provide direct communication between the checkout and the production centers, thus granting a precise delivery of meals at the highest speed. Managers can decide which data can be accessed by the operators through the application of precise visibility criteria.

TCPOS also processes barcodes which include information on weights and prices. Vending machines can be controlled through TCPOS, integrating their sale transaction in your daily workflow.

The simple creation of varied discounts and promotions such as voucher promotions help whet the appetite of new guests and target your fast food restaurant to your existing customers. The checkout recognizes discounts and promotions automatically. The user can define various promotions which can be realized either by one or by several sites and their checkouts.