Solutions for Hospitality and Retail

Non-food Retail

Superior shopping experience up to the point of service

Department stores are the quintessential expression of modern shopping. They are microcosms which must provide customers with an experience that goes far beyond simply purchasing products. Besides high quality at competitive prices, in order to keep the clientele flowing these diversified environments must supply the best service with good advice, precise information and fast checkout services. TCPOS turns your Point of Sale into a Point of Service.

TCPOS stands out because of the high reliability, versatility and power of its system and is, for this reason, the ideal solution for your business management in non-food retail. Our solutions are designed to manage multiple infrastructures within the same organizations and to reduce your workload.

With the TCPOS promotional engine you can create discounts and promotions and follow marketing policies within small or complex company structures. With customer card management, it is possible to automatically apply discounts to a sale transaction; vouchers may also be issued and managed when the expected threshold has been reached. It is also possible to assign loyalty points that will be administered by the central informative system.

Data is kept safe and can be accessed only by authorized operators, through the application of precise visibility criteria.

Moreover, TCPOS can be easily integrated with scales, self checkouts, label printers, vending machines, price checkers and information terminals, independent from the hardware platform. This gives you the maximum number of choices from which to select your additional IT-solutions.