Solutions for Hospitality and Retail

Points Management

Score with customer loyalty

Points programs increase customer loyalty and offer great opportunities to motivate customers with interesting campaigns to make additional purchases. The TCPOS-Points Management is an effective loyalty points system for supermarkets, shops, extended chains and franchising.

Collect scores

After registration in the customer card program, customers can collect points by purchasing goods and articles in promotions. When the minimum points threshold defined in the system has been reached, customers can enjoy discounts and offers of the promotions.

Redeem scores

At the checkout, the customer card is read and a monitor displays the point balance and the eventual residual discount. The system calculates the points gained with the transaction taking into consideration the promotional campaigns currently in force. Points Management verifies if the balance reached the minimum expected threshold, thus achieving the right to acquire articles or to add eventual residual discounts to the transaction.

Create efficient campaigns

Promotional campaigns are activated by the head office by instantly sending the information to all the points of sale of the company. Campaigns activation may be restricted to specific outlets or article groups. If a company is associated to one or more article groups, only the articles belonging to such groups concur to the point’s accumulation. On the other hand it is also possible to exclude single articles from the counting of the amount that concur in the points’ assignment.

Global and customized promotions

There exist several types of promotional campaigns, and several activation and threshold parameters may be defined for each of them. In addition, it is possible to launch global campaigns for the whole clientele, or customized campaigns for single customers. Thus your customer loyalty activities will be supported in an ideal way.