Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


Direct communication

This plugin was designed to grant a reliable communication within wide organizations in need to share information with several operators, often distributed in locations geographically distant from the head office. Think about supermarkets, or big chains that must promptly warn operators regarding the imminent commercial promotions that should be activated globally.

The application enables sending messages similar to E-mails directly from Admin, visible only to other Admin users and till terminals.

Selection of recipients

The user may select as recipients Admins associated to different offices, FrontEnd operators and, eventually, recorded customers; moreover, mails may be sent to the whole organization, specific user groups or single users, granting a precise error-free information delivery only to the interested parties.

Mails feature subject and text; it is possible to set an eventual expiration date when messages will be automatically deleted.

Precise search

Both on Admin and FrontEnd, the addressee is provided with a mailbox with all the features of a competitive e-mail client where, thanks to a precise internal search engine provided with quick contextual queries, messages may be organized in order to have all information available.

When the till is running, messages are displayed on delivery, while mails sent when the workstation is off are displayed when the operator logs in. Mails in the mailbox may be held for a period defined by the user.

Admin may send personalized communication, advertisements and information regarding eventual commercial promotions to registered customers, maintaining a direct thread, stimulating customers’ loyalty.