Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


Handhelds – Always on the move

All functionalities of TCPOS-FrontEnd are available on handhelds with standard Windows and Android technology. This assures maximum flexibility for your business. TCPOS-Handhelds is connected to the server or checkout terminal via WLAN. The system is also available in offline mode. Configuration is effected through TCPOS-Admin. The display on the handheld resembles the display of TCPOS-Admin. Handhelds work also in offline mode granting an interruption-free workflow, even in total absence of connectivity. All devices function properly, storing data local. As soon the connection is resumed all data are transferred to the server without interventions of the operator.

Comfortable orders

Using Handhelds you can manage sales of goods such as articles, menus, discounts and supplements directly on your handheld device. Operators can freely move around the tables to collect and enter orders directly with the handhelds without returning to the till to carry out the operation. The use of handhelds speeds up processes and makes them more convenient for guests and operators.

Direct link to production

Orders are forwarded to the production centers directly through the handheld. The till is used mainly to supervise table activities and close the transactions, although handhelds allows you collecting payments directly at the table.