Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


Multifunctional POS solution

The POS solution TCPOS FrontEnd facilitates the process in many companies of different sizes and several sectors such as restaurants, quick service, canteens and catering, stadiums, hotels, leisure parks, discount, shops, franchising, beverage market, cruise ships, airplanes and trains as well as public administration. The internationally applicable solutions is multilingual and multicurrency and convinces with its broad range of functionalities enabling the easy customization according to individual customer needs.

User friendly

FrontEnd is operated easily and logically via touch-screen. New operators learn how to use the system within a short training time and can use the intuitively comprehensible user interface in a secure and self-confident manner.

Open for all kinds of payment

FrontEnd is designed for the complete management of sale operations on till terminals. The system supports all methods of payment such as cash, debit and credit cards, customer cards and contactless payment.

Peripherals without limits: stationary and mobile

FrontEnd integrates a vast array of peripheral devices including barcode readers, fiscal- and kitchen printers, EFT-readers, customer displays, card readers, scales, waiter locks and drink dispensers.

All functionalities of FrontEnd are available on handhelds with standard Windows or Android technology providing maximum flexibility to your business.

Customer experience: promotions, points management and customer cards

TCPOS manages different promotions that can be automatically processed at the checkout. Discounts and deductions may be applied automatically on the articles sold in the transaction. The promotion module offers a wide range of promotions e.g. Bogof, MxN, MixMatch, by article group, special basket.

TCPOS is designed for the best customer relations and includes management for all kinds of customer cards and in addition, the loading of prepaid cards and transfer of balances between prepaid cards. It is also possible to assign loyalty points that will be administered by the central informative system.

Hardware independent

TCPOS is based on industrial standards and uses Windows and WEPOS as operating systems and Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server as databases. The user-friendly interfaces with touch-screen technology can be deployed on all current POS-PC hardware platforms.

Standalone or network

Every POS is linked to the server via a TCP/IP connection, both in local and geographic networks. TCPOS may be used also with a “stand-alone” configuration, where the POS system is used both as server and till to issue tickets and invoices. Moreover it can be configured as a Self-Service position. In addition, TCPOS has a proven record of installations in company-wide networks. In case of a network failure, TCPOS operates in off-line mode and the checkouts communicate between each other via P2P even without the server. After restoring the connection, data are transferred into the central data base.