Solutions for Hospitality and Retail

Business Intelligence 

Analyses for best decisions

In order to make profitable decisions it is essential to have exact and reliable information. Based on Business Intelligence you gain important mission critical information securing competitive advantages for your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

TCPOS-Business Intelligence helps you to steer your Key Performance Indicators and to monitor your results. is integrated into the system environment. Business Intelligence (BI) enabled managers to explore and retrieve precious information from the enormous quantity of data stored by the common sales operations carried out daily with TCPOS.

The rapid availability and the sharing of all information related to processes and data of each point of sale, at general or retail level, allow to supervise and manage at the best all processes and to increase the efficiency of operations. Moreover it is possible to formulate valuable proposals to the customers, to increase profitability and to knock down management costs.

Graphical control panel

TCPOS BI enables to create a full "corporate cockpit", for example a control panel made up of key indicators represented graphically, for on-going monitoring of the consistency between results and objectives. The intuitive graphical interface shows the situation of all points of sale at a glance, allowing the timely identification of critical situations or inconsistent results. Using advanced technology tools you can also surf through data to find the source and the cause of the problems detected. For executives, TCPOS BI is an essential control and management tool with which all the actions needed to protect and increase corporate profitability can be quickly started.