Solutions for Hospitality and Retail

Barcode Suspend

Easy transfer of information

With Barcode Suspend retailers can easily suspend transactions on a till and transfer them to other tills belonging to the same network. After the source till has suspended the transaction it prints a provisional ticket that features an univocal barcode. At another till, this ticket is either read with a barcode reader or manually entered by mean of the specific function key. This operation allows to resume the suspended transaction on a second till and to manage it, eventually adding further articles. In case of loss, the ticket may be re-printed on the till that carried out the suspension, by simply pressing the appropriate key, and indicating the template to be used for the printout.

Once the transaction has been closed a message is automatically forwarded to the source till in order to remove the suspended transaction, and its barcode will be invalidated.

Checkout functions always available

Communication among tills is managed by means of a Peer To Peer network. The offline mode grants an interruption-free workflow, even in total absence of connectivity. All tills function properly, storing data local. As soon the connection is resumed all data are transferred to the server without interventions of the operator.