Solutions for Hospitality and Retail


High-performance central administration

The extremely scalable solution TCPOS demonstrates its capabilities in daily operation as standalone checkout in chain stores up to infrastructures with several hundred checkouts. The solution can be deployed with nearly no limits in miscellaneous sectors. Businesses in the fields of restaurants, canteens and catering, stadiums, leisure, retail and transport in many international countries trust in TCPOS.

Admin – Central administration of checkouts

Admin will be installed on a server or on a workstation. The system provides either local or remote configuration, administration and control of all operations at the checkout stations.

Control of sales data

TCPOS supports your administration of master data, control of sales, price changes, creation of articles and adjustment of user interfaces. The system has an integrated rights management and provides comprehensive reports.

Focus on locations

The flexibility of the system allows the reproduction of complex configurations with several locations and different business requirements. Since sales figures are always consolidated in reports and analyses you will always keep an overview of your key figures.

Score with optimization

TCPOS optimizes all key processes of a business. Typical operating processes for single stores or restaurants as well as analysis and controlling can be executed from the head office. Based your IT-system you will gain a cutting-edge position and enjoy business benefits in the competition.

Central administration of promotions

With TCPOS you can activate and monitor promotions and advertising activities such as MxN, MixMatch, Bogof, discounts and vouchers efficiently in real-time from the head office. Thus you can intensify your customer relations and enhance customer experience in a smart way.

Interfaces to ERP systems

TCPOS provides interfaces to management systems such as merchandise management and accounting or hotel administration software and lays the ground for efficient economic activities.

Vending machines

In companies with vending machines in a network, TCPOS integrates all transactions made using vending machines or drink dispensers.

Multi-country Management

TCPOS is designed for multinational sales networks. It manages several currencies and languages and helps fulfillment of country-specific tax requirements. Electronic payment systems are managed worldwide.

Main Modules

Main modules secure smooth processes in heterogeneous environments:

Specific Modules

With Specific Modules TCPOS supports many functionalities of different sectors:

Advances Modules

Advanced Modules optimize business processes and enhance the customer experience:


Plugins provide a wide range of functionalities to improve customer and guest relations and services at the checkout: